Why do I need a VPN?

If you regularly browse the internet in a public location such as a wifi hotspot but feel your connection isn't secure.

If your in a country or location where certain websites are blocked or filtered.

If your an online gamer or satellite hobbyist who wants to improve your speed and latency.

If you want to use VoIP/SIP applications or Skype but can't because its blocked or, if you want to surf the internet anonymously TheVPNStore is for you.

With Our VPN nobody* can...

run traces to find out where you live
hijack your passwords, credit cards, or banking details
intercept and spy on your email, IMs, calls, or anything else
see the websites you visit
record your web history



Keep yourself and your family safe from modern threats such as credit card fraud, Cyber Criminals and identity theft.

Military-grade high-bit encryption

L2TP/IPsec - 128 bit encryption

OpenVPN - 2048bit encryption

Your internet connection is cryptographically secured from prying eyes


Reclaim your right to privacy. A VPN makes it nearly impossible for people to determine your identity, location, or activity online.

Your private information stays private
Secure connection to all websites and services, from Facebook to online banking
Email cannot be viewed in transit through the VPN network
Instant messaging chats cannot be intercepted via the VPN network
Internet activity (web browsing, online applications, etc) cannot be tracked by your ISP
A VPN's public IPs ensure that your real IP is hidden and impossible to uncover

Ease of Use

Quick setup/installation on your computer
User friendly application keeps you in control

Performance & Technology

Take advantage of the exact same security technologies employed by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

Proven VPN technology standards

VPN connection tunnels all of your traffic through encrypted connection through VPN servers, then out to the internet

Our VPN servers offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee


Our VPN services are fully compatible with all smart phones that support IPsec or OpenVPN services.

Connect from anywhere securely and safely

Works with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile


Our VPN's are compatible with:

Windows XP, Vista, and 7 (32 & 64 bit)



Windows Mobile


iPhone / iPod Touch

*Refers to ISP's, corporations, governments, hackers, sex offenders, identity thieves, and more. TheVPNStore services may not be used for criminal purposes.